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The best Visa Services in Phuket

If you would like to extend your staying or visiting Thailand for length of time, you can do the Visa Run.
We can be your VISA consultants. We can organize all types of Thai Visas.

EVE Visa Run will do VISA extensions and renewals for you to visit Thailand more few week. We provide the VIP Bus which is comfortable and safe for you.
Our services are the best for travelling to Penang, Satun and Andaman club.

You can contact us for asking basic information about Visa Run when you visa going to expire soon.

Tourist Visa application MUST attached with :

1) Genuine air ticket fly out from Thailand.

2) Proof of hotel booking receipt.

ED Visa application MUST attached with :

1) Proof of bank statement updated either from home country or Thailand bank acct.

2) If 2nd time applying ED visa then MUST show proof of Student Certificate.

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a document from the Thai embassy or a stamp in your passport for the period you require to stay in Thailand. The stamp is given to you on arrival in the airport, or it can be acquired in your home country from a Thai Embassy.

Types of visa:

- Tourist Visa -Single entry visa, valid for 3 months.

This type of visa is suitable for those who want to stay in Thailand for three months more for tourist purposes. It is possible to get tourist single entry visa up to 4 times.

- NON B, NON ED, NON O -Business visa, Education visa and other types.

For getting NON Immigration B, ED, O visa you will have to provide extra packet of documents. The number and the list of documents depends on the visa type.

- Extension of valid tourist multiple entry visa.

If you need to leave Thailand for a short period of time, you can use Visa Run service. Visa Run service is suitable for those who need to cross the Thai border for extension of tourist multiple entry visa or NON B, NON O, NON ED visa.